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“New house, clean house”

Because we want that everything goes perfect and that our clients don’t bother at all, we offer the first house cleaning with total guarantee of quality


“Our opinion about the price of your property”

If you have no idea about the real price of your property, we can give advice about the market value of it. We are available to pay a free visit to your property and give you our opinion.

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“Helping with the mortgage”

We don’t want you to feel lost with the bureaucracy inherent to the bank process and confused among the promotional spreads and taxes. So, we can help you comparing the best solutions for your particular case and you may use some of the exclusive conditions that we have with the best Banks, enjoying the use of benefits by being Encosta Dourada client.
Besides that, we have to offer to our clients the procedure accompaniment, so that you.


“Competitive insurance proposals”

Along with the mortgage, also the insurance matters is sometimes confused and with a lot of paperwork. Therefore, we help our clients to get the best insurance proposals. We have partnerships that allow our clients get some exclusive benefits.


“Taxes (IMT, IMI) and exemption from taxes”

As part of our activity, we help our clients with the tax payments and see which exemption of taxes is applied for each case. We are able, too, to give information about current legislation.


“Registration, Final contracts and post-sale”

We give support and accompany in the house registration process and lead everything till the final contract of the property. Besides that, and because for us the client does not end with the final contract, we are available to help our client with subjects about his new property, whenever is needed.


“Juridical Aid”

We have exclusive juridical aid and support that our clients may use in case of dispute or disagreement in the relationship buyer/seller. Besides that, all our documents are edited and revised by a jurist.


“Publicity Campaign”

On a daily basis, we publish the properties on the regional newspaper and maintain our webpage updated, so that the research for our properties is as clear as possible.

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